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Unbeatable Price Custom Motorcycle Suit

Create your perfect custom motorcycle suit with us! From fit to colors, materials to add-ons, every detail personalize for a unique, hand-crafted look. Ride in style and comfort with gear tailored just for you. Your own leather suit for motorcycle matching your motorbike colors. Start designing now and make your ride truly yours!


Everything that ensure safety on track

Turbo race gear designs leather riding suits for street rider & Extreme track racer so they ride in safety and risk-free

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CE Approved Protection

All suit are with CE approved protection at all the pressure points

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Crash Tested

Tested at 150+ KPH speed with zero road rash on the body

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Affordable Pricing

Protection on the street should not be expensive that what we believe in

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Free Shipping

Definitely no hidden charges in the name of shipping

From first touch to full Suit

Whether it’s a 1 piece leather motorcycle suit or a 2 piece leather motorcycle suit, we provide custom made race suits catering to all any wish/fantasy. From your dream imagination to the final suit, our team of expert help you achieve your masterpiece. You can get your very own personalized motorcycle race suit in affordable budget so Get a custom made motorbike racing suit with custom size, design, and printed logos

  1. Share your favourite colors or your bike pictures
  2. Share the logos,names & number you like to put
  3. Get a matching design mockup ready from our team.
  4. Design approval & production
  5. Offcoure free shipping. Suit at your doorstep
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From classic vintage-inspired looks to modern interpretations, we design what you desire. Choose your dream color or match it with your motor bike. Be it your favorite super hero as your custom motor cycle race suit theme or be it your sponsor’s logo. Anything from color, cut, design, shape and form. Your moto leather suit is restricted from you own imaginations, only & additionally Our CE certified moto leather suits provides solid level of protection in all the key areas

What is the estimated delivery time for a custom race suit.?

Your suit will be delivered within 4 to 5 weeks. Enjoy free shipping when you order our custom made race suits.

Why turbo offering much discounted price, It seems too good to be true?

As manufacturers for several renowned brands, we've recently expanded our services to offer direct-to-customer sales at the most affordable prices so no middleman is involved. We are committed to ensure the safety of the community at best prices with high quality leather products.